Thursday, March 18, 2010

What Else To Have With Pasta Help !!want To Lose Some Weight?

Help !!want to lose some weight? - what else to have with pasta

So Im 15 weigh 135 pounds and is 5 feet 5 inches
June and I want some of my belly and some loose my *** and thighs and legs, everything else is good
So really, if you can help me want what I can eat (usually eats oatmeal with honey in the morning for breakfast I had a soup or a grilled sandwich with a chocolate bar and usually a sandwich or a bun and hours Later at dinner, usually pasta with chicken and vegetables, and oh, I do not eat much fruit, but drink lots of juice)
I do not do sports I do I use it for every game, but I'm there in a year of discussion today
When I come home from school until 6 and then the study to 8 8 to 9 Basic, I am free from any idea of what to do, what I eat?
Oh, and I tend to bingemuch, and I eat chocolate, eat really fries
Please I want your help (oh, and the gym was no one in my neighborhood in the city had and I often go)

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