Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Chicken Pieces In Le Cruiset Ideas For Nut Free Foods For Kids Lunchbox??

Ideas for nut free foods for kids lunchbox?? - chicken pieces in le cruiset

My daughter is in a class with a young man who has allergies to nuts.
I have absolutely no problem with sending my daughter to school with nut free lunch, but today is his 3rd Year in the same class as the child who is very bored with their meals and not eat at school more.
That is essentially what a substitute in your lunch box:
* 2 pieces of fruit, these days their grape / fresh berries or bananas ... Tooth Fairy was posted 3 times, o)
* Carrots and celery with cream cheese
* Yogurt
* Afternoon tea (small packages of crackers and cheese sauce)
* Homemade muffins / cake / pancake
* Sandwich or Wrap (lettuce with ham / chicken or jam / honey / vegemite yep) here too .. lol
* Baked Fruit Bars
* Crisp bread with honey \\ \\ \\ \\ \\ \\ \\ \\ u0026lt;br> * packet of rice crackers
Bag of mixed nuts * / Cereals

K, so I know its very annoying, I'm not surprised at all, not to eat something, but I'm not sure what I can give is can eat! THANK YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!

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