Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Does Kerosene Get Old Should I Buy A Kerosene Heater?

Should I buy a kerosene heater? - does kerosene get old

I am planning to go to an old house that have not been there recently, no central heating and air conditioning and propane heaters have. From what I read seemed to be kerosene heater in line is the best option for me in spite of the disadvantages of them. Had the 2 bedroom of 180 square meters as the other two are 100 square meters have been purchased electric heaters running very hot, and bought oil radiator, did not think that ehough warm quickly. Please help.

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MAttspra... said...

Try it with an Eden pure heater. The smell of kerosene is terrible, and the price of kerosene has risen! This heating system works very well for us. It's hot up, as does the advertising. My cat wants to sit. It starts inside and outside, if necessary. If the number is 800-466-7688. Good luck with the choice of heating appliances.

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