Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Burning Nylon Stockings How Do You Get Burnt Nylon Off A Glass Door?

How do you get burnt nylon off a glass door? - burning nylon stockings

My friend has a new wood stove and one days after entry into the snow, put my socks on the door at the feet up.I do not know what happened to warm, but burned at the glass door of the oven. The socks are ruined, I do not that the doors to pray. Any tips on how to remove them?


Tippy's Mom said...

My advice is to wait until the stove is cold and with a razor blade and carefully scrape the glass door polyester socks. We can help solve a little Pam spray first to try their control, and be sure to wash before and after the registration of another fire! Good luck!

thebotan... said...

Using a heated knife to scratch a little, then

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