Friday, February 12, 2010

Fetal Heart Rate Low At 34 Weeks Fetal Heart Rate @ 34 Weeks?

Fetal heart rate @ 34 weeks? - fetal heart rate low at 34 weeks

I am currently 34 weeks 3 days pregnant and had a home fetal monitor doppler fetal heart rate. Although the fetal heart rate varies anywhere from 120 to 150 with accelerations in the 160, I noticed a few times since the last week that he sometimes seems to range from an average of about 117-121, with as low as 110 for a few seconds . Is this too low at this stage of pregnancy? This is not the case, most of the time, and as I said before, his heart rate changes during the day, in fact, this morning was 146th Is it acceptable to a baseline FHR 117-121, with variations up to 110 for a few seconds?


Daniel is due 27/3/09 said...

be with my daughter, 3 heart rate would be reduced to 115 for a few seconds when I asked my midwife told me it was still a child
as long as it's not like this all the time will be fine

crapinch... said...

Okay, my little sister, heart rate is around 115 mostly at the lower end is the whole time, but okay. Sometimes, the child was just horrible sound, they do not have much room! Do not worry, your baby still sounds very healthy!

Morgan's mummy pregnant with said...

sounds like the baby is sleeping, has made my son a few dates, so the midwife shook her abdomen to check the backup, if you woke up

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