Sunday, February 14, 2010

Cakey Makeup How Do I Get Rid Of Cakey Makeup?

How do i get rid of cakey makeup? - cakey makeup

I have for my Mac Studio Tech Foundation, and are always looking pasty, and you can say, I wear Foundation. How do I apply foundation smoothly?


Lauryn said...

Be sure to note exactly .... Otherwise people will notice the difference.

I Cover Girl .... Liquid Foundation, and works well.
In addition, no longer applicable. only save enough to hide her face, and make sure that it is disposed in the neck and scalp.

tu me manques toujours said...

First use before make-up make-up ...

Nardeep said...

Use a damp sponge of 2 posts in UR Foundation
or use any anti-dark circles and powder.

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