Monday, February 15, 2010

Purple Spot On Skin Inner Thigh Embarrassing Question... Does Anyone Know What This Is?

Embarrassing Question... Does Anyone Know What this Is? - purple spot on skin inner thigh

Hello .... I am sixteen years and some months I had these two points purpleish in my bikini area, near my thigh ... It itches or hurts, is the only time I have pain when pressure ... and in recent months will not be increased or decreased. They are just two points chosen randomly, will not fade to purple. It bothers me that every time when you click on them and they hurt. There is a pothole, the surface is smooth. But every time I play a bit to think he is either a coup or a vein under the skin ... There are several veins in the area / possibly below. I can not find anything to them online and I can not go to the doctor because my parents just assume the worst, and I think that is a sexually transmitted disease or something (h I know I do). Has anyone an idea what might that be? Thank you.


mary said...

Sounds like a blood clot or two .. You need to see a doctor and do not let them.
Are not you ashamed to be "

If you see a school nurse, as it could well help you find ... and she will say anything to anyone .. He is set to private.

troublew... said...

Any person of any age can be varicose veins. What could a blood vessel is broken. Since 16 can not go to the doctor? I would like to ask his mother to show it. Tell him that some people think an vien broken, but their concerns. What father would automatically see to believe, and this STD? Geesh! I could see if you all kinds of blisters or red spots crawling! But it sounds like a broken vessel, but I'm not there to see.

Michael Vick said...

Sorry, but I think that is gonnrhea.

These veins are called venous think veracose kidding. But I think that only older people get it.
I'm not sure wut else could, but you should probably get looked at.

Mister Dream Master said...

They are the blood vessels, which meets at a specific time
Not cut, because they bleed for days and then the growth, which lasts 5 years, like a wart ...

kakashil... said...

It could be acne body

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