Thursday, February 11, 2010

3 Dongle Tips How Do I Access The Internet On My PS3? Can I Do It Through 3 Mobile Broadband Dongle?

How do I access the internet on my PS3? Can I do it through 3 Mobile Broadband dongle? - 3 dongle tips

I am connected to my laptop via 3 mobile broadband internet dongle in my USB port connector and takes the signal or something.
I have a PS3 for Christmas and plugged the adapter into the USB port on the front of the PS3 and the green light on the dongle and it has been found, but in reality I can with this online and if so, how? That's what I'm cold.
I have no telephone at home (well, not a job anyway.)

Or if not can someone give me some advice (in simple terms!)

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The Bhoy! said...

You can connect via cable or wireless card attached (or a USB modem) to a mobile router, including:

One of my favorites is the MBR1000 router because the compound 2 data cards simultaneously for the highest velocity.

Check it out

Both the Association of Chartered EVDO, that you will receive a guide that shows you how to set the PS3 to the router.

When you are ready to go here

You can input terminal 3 MB on an ad-hoc Wi-Fi. Then connect to your PS3. not soon be, will be lucky if it works ...

Provided 3MB in the properties of the adapter (as you have Windows and have LAPTop ...), click "Allow other users to create the network through that computer to connect to the Internet to connect to an ad-hoc network.

I have never, and I do not know if this will work.

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