Thursday, November 5, 2009

Dragonball Doujin Online Online Doujin Translators?

Online Doujin Translators? - dragonball doujin online

Therefore, the application is really strange, but nobody knows English Japanese doujinshi online translator? I am willing to compensate for the time, hoping it was a place where the service or something similar is available, but I can not find.

Basically, the question is: Why did this fanart Dragonball Japanese side that this comedy series in a very pleasant part of many users. Now I like doing comics (PG-13 in most comic hentai ... gag), I thought I'd really like to have it translated. It was 27 pages so far, so I think there must be a place somewhere that you can do, but I'm really on the ropes at a late stage of research.

Any idea or suggestion?

And no, this is not licensed Dragonball comics in stores, I did. It is simply a non-comic fan wanted posted profit that a translation is intended for personal use. I thought I would say, before I had a few silly "just go buy the comic reactions bin.

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yasiru89 said...

Perform a search there for "Fan Scanlations, some communities of people to scan and translate. Get in the forum or what they have and ask for the translation help .. anyone who can help to fix them! In a stream with the appropriate permissions for that for everyone!

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