Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Megaloblastic Anemia More Condition_symptoms Are All Of These Things Possible Problems From Being A Vegetarian???

Are all of these things possible problems from being a vegetarian??? - megaloblastic anemia more condition_symptoms

--- Beriberi (thiamine deficiency)
--- The pellagra (niacin deficiency)
Bitot spots
--- Scurvy (vitamin C)
--- Rickets (vitamin D)
Diabetes mellitus
--- Osteoporosis (lack of calcium)
--- Megaloblastic anemia (vitamin B12)
Xerophthalmia / --- night blindness (vitamin A)
Zinc deficiency (stunting)
Iron Deficiency Anemia
Hair Loss
The loss of muscle mass
Abnormal fluid
Weakened immune system
Low bone density
Women irregularly Menstration
The low birth weight among women
Intestinal complaints
The absence of pigment
Dry skin
Developmental disorders

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Mylegisi... said...

to see obese people and then say that health problems are possible.
Feeding the poor of any kind can cause problems.

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