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Sample Church Service Letter Most Of The Body Of The Protestant Church Don't Even Understand What Their Book, KJV, Is All About.?

Most of the body of the protestant church don't even understand what their book, KJV, is all about.? - sample church service letter

It was forbidden for them, even read the Bible for themselves for centuries by every Bible burned each other reformers. Most English-sect or even to understand what was the service is ready, because everything was different Dilecta English.

I do not think you can teach it better, that the Holy Spirit.

The performance of today there are many Protestant churches, because there are so many different things from the Bible, is not that different interpretations of the Bible, because there are so many false interpretation of the Bible. And it so wrong interpretation, because the interpretation system is fundamentally wrong. You can not just give one flock and one shepherd, one faith, one baptism, all men and women to distort and twist Scripture to their own theories.

Most non-Catholic sects say that the Holy Spirit to teach "the truth. However, there can be only one truth. Since the advent of Sola Scriptura and the interpretation of the Bible as the Holy Spirit in each of Thousands sects, teaching all opposing viewpoints? Please note that all denominations in the Bible itself teaches why the differences in education?

1. As the Holy Spirit to say that the Lutherans the Eucharist is the real presence of Christ, and then tell the Baptists it is only a symbol?

2. As the Holy Spirit can say, Methodists, it is okay for women ministers, and then tell the Baptists it is unbiblical?

3. As the Holy Spirit is with the Seventh Day Adventists that Saturday is the day of worship, and then tell the Presbyterians the day of worship on Sunday instead of Saturday?

4. How to tell the Holy Spirit, that was the Lutherans of the Blessed Virgin Mary, and remains empty, and then the Baptists say that the other kids have?

5. As the Holy Spirit can say, Baptists, 'once saved, always saved "and then say that the Church of Christ that Sola Fides is unscriptural?

6. As the Holy Spirit Episcopal say to baptize infants and then say, Pentecostals childBaptism is invalid?

7. As the Holy Spirit, the Mormons say that the Trinity is three distinct persons, then enter the Methodists the Trinity three persons in one God?

I could continue with the differences between the non-Catholic sects, but I think you understand. Just understand that a degree of common sense that the Holy Spirit is with each and every one of those thousands of non-speaking Catholic sects in the opposite forms of the sample, I'm here. However, recently reminded me that, common sense is not so often more. It is easy to see that "fruits of Sola Scriptura" is not of God. There be no "one flock, one shepherd" in Protestantism. Contrary to the teachings of the religions is endemic, all caused by the false doctrine of Sola Scriptura and its interpretation of "individual" of Scripture. What, if any, of these sects to learn the whole truth, as promised by Christ Jesus in John 16:13?

"And we are witnesses of these things, and the Holy Spirthe one in which God gave to all who obey him. "Acts 5:32

Well, God has thrown down the gauntlet ... all who obey him.
To obey God's will? Do Lutherans who say that embody the Eucharist, the "real" presence of Jesus Christ, and Baptists, who say, "It's just a symbol?
"Those who say we should worship on Saturday or is it those who say worship on Sunday?
"Those who say that the baptized children, or those who do not say?

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Edward J said...

You got it back Marty. I am a lapsed Catholic, and the Catholic Church is that people want to read the Bible. They are the ones that people like the death Tyndale to produce a Bible that could be read by the masses. (The first commandment of love, says the Lord our God with all your heart, mind, soul, strength, in other words, God first. This means God in our church, our traditions and dogmas put) We need to cult to quit the church, but the real head of the Church is nothing other than Jesus himself.http: / / / wiki / William_Tyn ...

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