Thursday, November 5, 2009

Seating Chart Examples, Wedding Wedding Seating Chart Template/Menu?

Wedding Seating Chart Template/Menu? - seating chart examples, wedding

Hello girls

My marriage is only a few days off - 10 days, to be exact :-) I'm crazy, according to a model table for my place. I fell in love with the box office hit, but I can not start this project. I take this weekend, and finally went off the road. Do you know how much it would cost to this form either at a Kinko's or Staples? What is the typical size, if I have 150 people? I have done some examples using PowerPoint, but I can not edit and save my data. If someone has a template that you can use that would be great, or suggestions on how I start ...?

Also, I make my menus, and for some reason my starter "melon" (do not ask), how can I word that on the menu?

Thanks in advance for Girls

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Mrs. R. said...

In relation to the seat goes, you need to know the dimensions of space and tables to scale. Any model that is not quite right, because she is not attracted by the features of your website. I'm trying to find a value to you, but I think you should try to communicate with him, instead of a letter with the request. You can begin! My husband came to our table in AutoCAD ... If you know someone can use that ... Ask them! I think that would be about $ 10 to print a large Kinko's.

As the watermelon .. is a strain? One can say, "honeydew" to avoid the word melon. In fact, I think it nothting hard to say "melon", though.

I found a site that might be useful: ...

Here's another (free of charge!) ...

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