Friday, November 6, 2009

How Does Cervical Mucus Look Before Menstruation What Does The Cervical Mucus Looks Like Right Before Ovulation?

What does the cervical mucus looks like right before ovulation? - how does cervical mucus look before menstruation

I've heard various descriptions, but they are all very clear. I wish someone would tell me about the color, texture, etc., and above all, how long after the changes that take place, I ovulate?

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phxchik0... said...

The rule is clear. It is smooth and elastic, like egg whites. Break an egg and see what I mean. Sometimes it is pink. Some women have this b / c they have a little bleeding when they ovulate. This is no cause for concern.
Ovulation occurs apparently effective the last day of discharge. Some women have one days, while others may take a little bit.

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