Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Best Beading Wire For Pearls What Would I Need To Make QUALITY Jewelry, Where Would I Buy Products?

What would I need to make QUALITY jewelry, where would I buy products? - best beading wire for pearls

Ok, I decided to invest a little time and money on certain products used in jewelry and a chance.

The thing is that I was looking on eBay and on all channels and the results appear to be gold or silver.

I need high-quality products such as silver or solid gold? How many people use the things actuallty money? How long?

What is the name of the thread / / thread string pearls jewelry, pearls of good quality, etc. .. must make

I have prepared some drawings, and even if we do not sell, still a hobby, but I'm not as cheap building material that comes from China, ...


backpack... said...

If you want solid gold or silver, it will be expensive. Buy Bead & Button and you will see the list of providers on their backs.

The wire cables and ropes are used for the tail of the tiger and nylon. I prefer nylon because the tail of the tiger is associated with the invoices. So, sometimes not so good and twisted collar if the animal is the owner of the chain in a small bag or something.

Plated things that I use is that it is not easy to sell solid gold (silver is OK, but I use expensive parts for my clock). The material of money can take a year.

wiseguy said...

I am recommending Accounts Venice. They are beautiful and handmade on a small island near Venice, hence the name. I'm sure you can find a supplier online.

linbap said...

You can take a look at Fire Mountain Gems. They sell all the areas of materials and the quality of the pearls, gemstones and findings. Their catalog is huge!

Kamryn K said...

I recommend that get the beads or buttons or bye Beeds But if you're rich or look online and through these things that he knows he can become a major jewelry Disin

beadin angel said...

I am a manufacturer of silver jewelry and use of things and had no problem with him, I Beadalon my chain and jewels are tons of places to get ideas of free shipwreckbeads Joanne Michaels is a good local accounts payables fire mountain operations based in the city and the State where you live its different if you still need help email me need

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