Thursday, January 28, 2010

Boat, Trailer, Licence, Ontario I Live In New Jersey & Am Buying A Boat. Do I Need A Licence & Insurance?

I live in New Jersey & am buying a boat. Do I need a Licence & Insurance? - boat, trailer, licence, ontario

I'll buy a boat 14 feet with Jon used trawling motor. I know you must be registered and thus the trailer. I looked online and read that you need a license to operate the boat or jet ski in the waterways of New Jersey. My question is: Do you have a traction motor is a motor boat? Or is that power does not mean that "gas outboard" motor boat? So I have an insurance policy for your boat and trailer? I read online and said I was entitled to be taken, the title to the boat and my information. It says nothing about insurance.
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Carlos C said...

I live in Lake Hopatcong, New Jersey, and I am an active sailor in New Jersey. Boats, since I have 16 years. Your questions, now I need a license browser to take advantage of this boat in the study of the water, another meanning one lake.or River. its easy just go to your local DMV and ask for a boat edosment and $ 5.00 for high quality. must also participate in a course approved by the USCG browser. For more information about his or class that are worn in your area. Lake Hopatcong, theres one here every week in our local restaurants and / or ports. Also for insurance, NJ doesnot require insurance for the boat or trailer. but it is good to have, just in case .. All insurance insurance Compin PWC. Car / Truck Insurance covers your trailer while he was removing the car. if it is stolen, for example in case of damage to your marina driveway. insurnce then your car will not be included, thats where you come your boat / trailer insurance to our rescue. Office at your local DMV for plates w trailerIll ask the insurance company and policy # simply place your car insurance company and his current #. avoid any risk, you should insure your boat and trailer. Gieco insurance companies have heard the best prices for that. I hope this information can you take a little more. be sure to have fun surfing ... everything you can to try to help me again by e-mail, too. Carlos

davidm22... said...

New York, you need a license if you are under 18 years. The boat must be registered, but the trailer should be registered, if you drive on public roads. So if you are your own boat on their property that is not necessary to register the trailer. Moreover, neither my boats or boat trailers are provided, with the exception of news on our own. , A boat, I think you have only one drive motor, as a boat. visit the DMV in New Jersey.

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