Sunday, January 17, 2010

Online Anti Spam Need Better Anti-virus Protection With Firewall, &spam. Can I Get It? & How Much More Will It Cost Me?

Need better anti-virus protection with firewall, &spam. can i get it? & how much more will it cost me? - online anti spam

my modem to the computer shuting continue for 15 minutes. when they are online, and when my sub-accounts are online. I have dial-up. Moreover, things appear on my screen, and begin to load itself.


Carella said...

For security programs, free and recommendations can be found here ...

I recommend AVG as an anti-virus, even though eTrust 12-month study is very good (I'm on and I am very impressed).
If you use other programs, go to the ZoneAlarm firewall, AVG Anti-Spyware (formerly Ewido) and Spyware Blaster.

When you click the names on this list that I gave you, and brings you the official download page.

Please make sure to keep them all for the full protection and testing of changes to update that you download the first time.

Reets said...

There are many free programs for popups edwido is that I used successfully. However, I found that when they are really screwed the easiest thing to do is to backup your important files and perform a complete overhaul to install and start again. I have Panda and Norton for virus protection. Panda came highly recommended, but it was hard and re-install the last thing (I am a little more money Fork about 40 a year) to download and buy new Norton works very well.

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