Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Whats Your Pokemon Silver Team Suggestions On My Currents Pokemon Silver Team?

Suggestions on my currents pokemon silver team? - whats your pokemon silver team

Typhlosion L42
Kadabra L43
Ampharos L42
Gyrados L41
L42 Lugia

What is a good 6th Pokemon? I beat the Elite 4 and was in Kanto? (one that I can help Blue Beat On The Silver Mountain)

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GIBBOuk said...

For a pokemon 6 I would say, a kind of rock, for example, a golem, an Onix or perhaps a Sudowoodo. I think it's because she has a kind of rock in his party, and blues pikachu electric type, is resistant) against this kind of skirt (no electrical effect. We also have a number of species of the party in his. Make sure you train your Pokemon to at least 70 as a trainer of Pokemon Blue is very strong.

Hope this helped, good luck! :-)

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