Saturday, January 30, 2010

Service Hours Letter For Court Can I Pay Restitution With Community Service Hours?

Can i pay restitution with Community service hours? - service hours letter for court

Im 15 and was a crime in the city of Aurora, Colorado, accused for "criminal damage", I have 30 hours of community service, I have to go to that class ISAE Saturday, I must write a letter excuses for my school, and the judge told me that I have to pay compensation if the school wants to pay compensation can be $ 500

My questions are
If I pay restitution, can I buy with community service hours?
If I have to pay restitution to the court, how long will I pay my refund?


San Diego Art Nut said...

For the judge in his case. If you cease to show that you can increase the reimbursement could, working out.
The time also depends on the judge.

Anonymou... said...

No, you can not pay the fines, the court or probation with community service. This material has been created in order to earn more money. You can use the judge himself or his lawyer conferred with the judge to set a specific amount per month. If you do not pay, he accused the court .... over time. The best advice I can give you is to stay on him, if you are late or miss a payment, keep in touch and as soon as possible ..

Killer Queen said...

If we add the rebate, it will probably not allow you to pay with community service because they have already done. But it will not hurt to ask how they are actually paid. You can send parents accountable.

The conditions were also the time that must be paid fixed

Pat said...

Restitution means that you owe money, the person whose property is damaged.
You can not pay the money over time.

Get a job and prevent a criminal.

long lashes said...

I do not know, but will have a payment plan, because children usually have no savings to pay.

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